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  • Classes are once a week, download current schedule

  • Additional individual/group classes can be organized based on requests

  • Ages 4 to 12

  • Price: 25€ each class

  • Classes can be thought in French, English and Chinese

Chinese Ink Painting

Get to know Chinese traditional ink painting, one of the oldest artistic tradition in the world! Chinese ink painting is about finding your artistic spirit. It’s not copying or describing objects, rather, the painter's emotions create different forms of beauty and conceive their reality in the painting.

Childhood is the most creative period of life, and the best to teach how to use the ink with a brush. Through freehand brushwork, children use their imagination to create and discover their artistic potential, explore different forms of arts and improve their aesthetic taste.


Children will learn to paint the classical patterns of Chinese painting such as landscapes, flowers, animals and will create their unique masterpieces by decorating masks, paper scrolls or other traditional Chinese objects.


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