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  • Classes are once a week, download current schedule

  • Additional individual/group classes can be organized based on requests

  • Ages 4 to 12, up to 8 children per class

  • Price: 25€ each class 

  • Classes can be thought in French, English and Chinese

Acrylic Painting

Under the child's paintbrush, rich colors are used to express the subjective impression of the nature and the surrounding    world. Painting is an emotional expression in which children show their personality and characteristics through the artistic elements such as shapes, colors and compositions.


This course is intended for children across all skill levels and includes training on how to handle the brush, the fundamentals of Color theory and of artistic expression. Throughout the course, references to art history and to traditional and contemporary concepts of aesthetics will be discussed. 


Students will learn how to paint different compositions such as still life, landscapes, figure and portrait paintings.

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